Cluster Immunotherapy

Cluster immunotherapy is an accelerated version of traditional immunotherapy. Allergy Partners’ standard immunotherapy build up schedule calls for 28 incremental doses given once or twice a week. In Cluster, this build up period is condensed into 8 ‘sessions’ held once or, ideally, twice a week.

What is Cluster Immunotherapy?
At each session, the patient will receive 2-3 doses of immunotherapy separated by a 30 minute waiting period. While sessions may last up to 90 minutes, a patient can reach maintenance dosages in a little as 4 weeks. Such a schedule is very appealing to patients desiring to see results quicker or whose schedule is better suited to a more intensive initial phase of immunotherapy.

What are the Risks?
As with any change, however, there can be some drawbacks. With such rapid escalation in dosing, there can be an increase rate of local reactions. To combat this, Allergy Partners recommends pre-medication with a non-sedating antihistamine and a leukotriene modifier.

In addition, Cluster may not be suited for extremely sensitive patients or those with significant asthma or underlying medical conditions. Some providers may choose a slightly modified schedule based on your history, symptoms, and test results.

As always, your Allergy Partners physician will discuss the relative risks and merits of Cluster with you to ensure that you receive immunotherapy in the manner best suited to your individual situation.

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